Thursday, May 24, 2007

What should the Comelec do to improve its operations?

Interviews by Martin Dante L. del Rosario, Katrina B. Paredes, and Margaret Michelle C. Tan

“Trust talaga yung problema ngayon ng Comelec, malaki yung naging impact nung Hello Garci na issue, so feeling ko kung maayos ‘yun, kung maayos ‘yung system ng Comelec, pati maging transparent sila sa mga [tao], feeling ko magiging maayos ‘yung mga susunod na elections.” – Marlon Jose Ibabao (III BS Ch:MSE)

Dapat ‘yung mga Comelec official maging transparent. Kung gusto nila ng change, dapat sa kanila magsimula.” – Erik Lawrence Dy (II BS Mgt)

“Electronic yung pagvo-vote. Para electronic na lahat tapos para mas mabilis ang pagka-count, tapos baka maiwasan din ‘yung pandaraya.” – Paul William Mayuyu (III BS ME)

Kung may hint of cheating lang man, dapat i-disqualify na agad. Stricter punishments.” – Jan Joseph Abolino (II BS ECE)

“Younger people ang dapat mag-man ng booth. Twenty-plus kami na Chua na sunud-sunod nagboto, tapos mali-mali ang name na sinulat. Dapat magkaroon rin ng mga signboards sa school para mas madali hanapin ang mga voting stations.” – Sherleen Rose Chua (II BS MCT)

Siguro dapat aprubahan na lang ‘yung computerized na vote-counting para malinis, walang dayaan.” – Arvin Pajarillo, Loyola Schools (LS) Maintenance

“I think the Comelec should embrace technology, like computerized counting or voting, to ensure accuracy, and they should also assign credible people to manage the operations. Finally, dapat may transparency.” – Ysabella Kristina Poblete (III BS Mgt)

“Computerized [operations], kasi we can’t get stuck forever in the stone age. If improved operations means faster operations, computerization is what is needed about the honesty issue. About the honest operations... ‘di ko sure kung paano pa maaayos ‘yun. We need new people in there to regain the trust of the people.” – Kristoffer Ryan Velarde (IV BS ME)

Wala[ng] naging problema sa voting center namin sa Marikina eh. Even ‘yung counting, walang problema. Tahimik siya. More or less okay na ‘yung system. Okay rin siguro kung computerized na, pero pag-aralan muna dapat nila. Dapat din mag-consider sila ng paraan na mas maging madali ang pagboto sa mga matatanda, tulad ng paglagay ng mga voting booths sa ground floor lang lahat.”Dhea Santos, Rizal Library Staff

“Fix ‘yung designations of precincts where people should vote.” – Ma. Kristina Dumo (III BS ME)

WHAT SHOULD THE COMELEC DO TO IMPROVE ITS OPERATIONS? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!

Blue Balloting

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Blue Balloting. Namfrel QC Vice Chair for Tabulation Boyet Dy (AB DS '06) surfs this website while on the job at Bantay Bilang.

Photo by Henson Tyler T. Wongaiham

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A salute to Bantay Bilang volunteers

The GUIDON dedicates this special update to all those who volunteered to be part of Bantay Bilang. Helping out in projects such as this proves that not all Ateneans are indifferent after all.

Photos by Jake R. Nallas

What do you think of political dynasties?

Interviews by Cyril Fermin

“Political dynasties are here to stay. Despite the constitutional provision requiring the creation of a legislation, there is no way it could be done considering that most of the Congress people are members of political dynasties themselves.” – Nestonel Estrada (IV AB PoS)

“Okay lang naman siguro ang pagkakaroon ng political dynasties, as long as magaling ‘yung dynasty nila at hindi corrupt and stuff. I don’t think it depends on what your last name is eh. Basta if magaling ka na politician okay lang.” – Mark Daryll Tan (II BS Mgt-H)

“Political dynasties are greatly responsible for the triangle system in the Philippines, in which two percent of the population monopolizes everything. Still, it is their right to run for office—given the damn rule that anyone who is of Filipino citizenship can run which disregards political dynasties or education—and it is the people who vote for them still. I myself do not conform with political dynasties, but find nothing, under law or religion, that contradicts it. As long as the leader is a just and honest one, political dynasties would not matter to me. But since many are not, I believe a law must be issued regarding this to minimize or stop political dynasties.” – Randolph Keane Cobankiat (II BS LM)

“I think it depends if ‘yung talagang purpose lang nila is to serve the country and not to keep the power to themselves. Or that they are just doing that to prevent others from taking their positions.” – Monika Lara Guballa (II BS LM)

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF POLITICAL DYNASTIES? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Namfrel QC to finish operations today

1PM - Namfrel Quezon City (QC) has again extended its operations from 12PM of today to midnight. It first extended the quick count from May 20 to 12PM of today.

Vice Chair for Tabulation Boyet Dy (AB DS '06) said that Namfrel QC will finish checking and encoding all its election returns (ERs) by today. The core group will also arrange all the rooms used for the quick count by today.

The Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership (MVP-CSL) is the headquarters of the Namfrel QC operation quick count.

Dy said that Namfrel QC's results are not just accurate but also representative. "Everything is really accurate kasi mabusisi talaga sa pag-check (because the checking is really done meticulously)."

There are two layers for checking. The first involves checking whether the data in the ERs are complete and readable. The second entails trying to decipher the data labeled as unreadable in the first checking.

"We really save [the ERs] that we can," said Dy.

Dy added that the percentage of ERs tabulated this year was higher than that for 2004. The Loyola Schools (LS) also headed the Namfrel QC quick count in 2004.

Responding to complaints that Namfrel QC has taken too long to tabulate its ERs, Dy said that QC has a big voting population. He also cited the errors encountered with Namfrel National's computer program as a reason for the delay.

Dy also said that they have enough volunteers to finish the tabulation since many parish youth groups have arrived to help in the quick count. Other volunteers also arrived.

As of press time, the volunteers have been divided into two groups, one for checking and one for encoding. Later, all volunteers will be asked to encode.

Ayee D. Macaraig
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Looking over. Namfrel QC Vice Chair for Tabulation Boyet Dy (AB DS '06) tries to clarify details in the ERs to parish youth volunteers who encoded at Faura Hall.
Photo by Henson Tyler T. Wongaiham

Monday, May 21, 2007

Namfrel QC finishes 61% of ERs, needs more volunteers

1204PM – As of press time, Namfrel Quezon City (QC) has finished tabulating 3,328 or 61% of its election returns (ERs), said Miriam delos Santos, Namfrel QC finance officer.

“We are really hoping that we could reach our target of tabulating 70% of the ERs by tomorrow noon,” said delos Santos who is also the outgoing Office of Student Activities (OSA) director.

Delos Santos said that there were no ERs to encode this morning so they had to ask the volunteers to check the ERs.

“We really need more volunteers,” she added. Namfrel QC has been circulating text messages to dormers, faculty members, administrators, and students to ask them to volunteer for the quick count.

"Walk-in volunteers are very much welcome to sign-up. There will be officers who will train them,” delos Santos said.

In the next four hours, Namfrel QC hopes to finish tabulating 65% of the ERs. Delos Santos said that they are planning to encode the ERs that were checked this morning.

Nikko Carlo A. Tolentino
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Namfrel QC Quick Count Partial and Unofficial Results

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections - Quezon City Chapter
Results as of 8PM, May 21


Acebedo, Romeo S. - 2323
Alvarez, Florian Yani L. - 3101
Belmonte, Feliciano R. - 367280
Rosales, Andy Q. - 6034


Bautista, Herbert Constantine N. - 362454
Bautista, Roberto B. - 5169
Jota, Rolando M. - 5036
Obsum, Rogelio P. - 1289

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Namfrel QC Quick Count Partial and Unofficial Results

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections - Quezon City Chapter
Results as of May 20, 530PM


Acebedo, Romeo S. - 2045
Alvarez, Florian Yani L. - 2286
Belmonte, Feliciano R. - 321892
Rosales, Andy Q. - 4734


Bautista, Herbert Constantine N. - 317054
Bautista, Roberto B. - 4327
Jota, Rolando M. - 3741
Obsum, Rogelio P. - 1153

(1st District)

Abesamis, Romel R. - 14334
Crisologo, Vincent P. - 43552
Padilla, Antonio A. - 3768

(2nd District)

Aban, Vicente Jr. - 238
Balosa, Esmeraldo - 123
Jimenez, Walter - 310
Liban, Dante - 22402
Mathay, Ismael - 52561
Nueva, Noima - 562
Simon, Brigido, Jr. - 17344
Susano, Maryanne - 65083

(3rd District)

Calderon, Ramon - 1829
Corrioso, Benjamin - 533
Defensor, Mattias - 37767
Lope, Wendell - 527
Pumaren, Filomeno - 6993
Remoto, Danton - 4785
Soriano, Sis Lita - 719

(4th District)

Daza, Nanette - 40330
Palacios, Albert Hans - 6641


Aguas, Reynaldo S. - 5265
Belmonte, Ricardo J. - 28468
Beltran, Arturo Jr. D. - 4302
Bilaos, Fermin B. - 8708
Calalay, Francisco Jr. A. - 42418
Canseco, George Jr. A. - 8398
Delarmente, Dorothy A. - 35131
Diño, Martin Baduiis - 7660
Ferrer, Victor Jr. V. - 34807
Herrera-Dy, Bernadette - 42629
Jacinto, Senen Jr. A. - 4897
Juico, Joseph Emile H. - 33316
Mondejar, Jon B. - 3166
Nacpil, Edwin M. - 3869
Pleyto, Salvador Jr. G. - 13494
Samson, Moises S. - 23206
Santos, Eddie M. - 2569
Sarino, Henry Vincent A. - 18442
Soberano, Gregorio P. - 2020
Zamora, Alejo C. - 2117


Acol, Glenn - 2435
Alegarbes, Mocario - 1019
Arias, Joseph - 3637
Berzabal, Raymond - 1883
Buscayno, Jamil - 2825
Castelo, Winston - 121599
Cayobit, Pastor - 2031
Dela Cruz, Alberto - 2602
Dela Cruz, Teresita - 4699
Denosita, Tony - 3782
Dy, Andres - 3383
Francisco, Allan Butch - 101024
Jacob, Gerald - 6514
Jickain, Aiko - 76887
Liban, Voltaire - 98978
Medalla, Ramon - 105583
Medina, Eden - 91135
Pilar, Ma.Victoria - 70902
Rocapok, Quentin - 1705
Rodriguez, Samuel - 9217
Saludes, Louie John - 21230
Valmocina, Felecito - 75792


Banal, Jorge - 46049
Borres, Jaime - 33392
Carios, Raymundo - 10290
De Guzman, Dante - 39349
Dela Luna, Charlotte - 2972
Escober, Rodrigo - 5755
Gonzales, Amadeo - 9688
Lagumbay, Wencerom - 41225
Pumaren,.Franz - 42638
Reyes, Allan - 20782
Sotto-De Leon, Diorella Maria - 35114
Torrecampo, Beda - 19463


Battung, Luciano B. - 1566
Belmonte, Vicente Eric Jr. - 29412
Delfinado, Edgar - 12908
Hipol, Bayani - 28158
Inton, Ariel - 36313
Lagman, Edcel - 32728
Malangen, Restituto - 29465
Malaya, Janet - 35158
Montillo, Armando - 23373
Suntay, Jesus - 34875
Timtiman, Bonifacio - 2190

Namfrel QC to finish most ERs by Tuesday

5PM – Namfrel Quezon City (QC) aims to finish tabulating at least 90% of its election returns (ERs) by May 22 at 12PM.

Wen Batocabe (IV AB-MA PoS), a member of Namfrel QC's Media Relations team, said that Namfrel QC had to extend its operations because it started encoding on Wednesday instead of Tuesday due to system problems. Namfrel QC is now using a system developed by a team of Management Information Systems (MIS) teachers and students from the Loyola Schools (LS).

This new system automatically consolidates the results from QC’s four districts. Operations are smooth with the new system, said Batocabe.

Batocabe, however, said that they can only tabulate readable ERs. Data in some ERs are no longer visible because Namfrel gets the sixth copy of the ERs.

In the latest count, Namfrel QC has tabulated data from 594 ERs for the local candidates, 541 for the national, and 2,513 for both local and national.

Batocabe said that they will be needing many volunteers in the coming days as they no longer have pre-enlisted volunteers. Volunteers may drop by the Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership (MVP-CSL) at 3AM, 7AM, 11AM, 3PM, 7PM, or 11PM so that they can be trained and fed before their shifts.

Volunteers are most needed for the 12AM to 4AM shift.

There will be a mass today at 630PM at the MVP-CSL lobby for Namfrel QC officers and volunteers. Jesuit Provincial Fr. Daniel Patrick Huang, SJ, will be the celebrant.

Ayee D. Macaraig
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Namfrel QC extends operations until Tuesday

12PM – To reach its target of tabulating 70% of the election returns (ERs), Namfrel Quezon City (QC) will extend its operations until 12PM of May 22.

As of 8AM, only 48% of the ERs have been tabulated.

Namfrel QC Vice Chair for Tabulation Boyet Dy (AB DS '06) said that the volunteers for the 8AM to 12PM shift were asked to check the ERs. No new ERs have arrived.

Volunteers are to finish checking by 12PM or by the end of this day so that Namfrel QC can focus on encoding in the next days.

Karl Louie B. Fajardo
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

What are your views on the high number of election-related crimes?

Interviews by Karen Marie J. Cunanan, Maria Francesca Coreen T. Frias, and Edwin Lawrence B. Joyas

“The sad part about it is that it isn't an unusual occurrence during elections. I believe that election-related violence is reflective of a culture of impunity and political immaturity. This issue is passé for most countries so our elections, being notoriously violent, can hurt the Philippines' international image and cause the Filipino people to lose faith in its elections, if that isn't the case already.” – Margaret Anne Garcia (II BS MCT)

Siyempre, it’s depressing dahil mababa ang credibility ng government. It pains my heart and I’m very disappointed in the people of the Philippines.” – Phillip Ian Maverick Layno (II AB PoS)

“I think it is a very alarming reflection of our country’s corrupted political system. These crimes further prove how most people are willing to resort to killings just to secure their selfish political agenda. The saddest thing, I think, is that come election day, the casualties of these crimes are forgotten, and we, Filipinos, elect the very people responsible for the victims’ loss.” – Dorothy Ann Lopez-Dee (II AB DS)

“Philippine politics is still dirty. It just shows the lack of respect in the election process.” – Charlene Tiu (II BS MCT)

Iyong mga tumatakbo karamahin sa kanila ay mga buwaya. Unang habol lamang nila ang makukuha nilang pera ‘pag nasa gobyerno na sila. Nakokonsenya lamang sila bago gumawa nang maganda para sa bansa. Habol lang talaga nila ang pera.”Emmanuel Concepcion, Technical Assistant, Rizal Library

“Well, I think it just goes to show where too much thirst for money and power can take you. From merely being corrupt, politicians now use horribly violent measures just to take hold of a position that will enable them to quench this thirst.” – Charmaine Fatima Gomez (II BS ME)

“Personally, ako, dedma ako ngayon sa eleksyon. I mean, it's always the same thing that's happening from the voting process, tabulation, the candidates who get elected… For example, there's always the case of missing ballots, or flying voters, or voters who sell their votes. During tabulation, definitely may dagdag-bawas, and [for] sure, may matsutsugi on account of election-related violence. Then there's bound to be stupid candidates that the masses will vote into the Congress, Senate, presidency… Like in this year's election, in my opinion, si Trillanes at Honasan… Kaya 'yon. Dedma ako.” – Jon Derrick Lee (II BS MAC)

Ganoon din naman noong nakaraang eleksyon. Hindi naman na nakakagulat iyon. Mas grabe nga lang ngayon, kahit mas tahimik yung eleksiyon mismo, maraming patagong nangyayari.” – Name withheld, Loyola Schools (LS) Maintenance

“I think it’s all nonsense. It’s chaos! Politicians killing each other for a seat in the local and national government. It’s even more painful because surely, they’re doing this for all the wrong reasons—money and power—not because they sincerely wish to help our country. It’s disheartening to think that there is no political stability in the government and thus we just can’t help but question our leaders’ intentions. Our future rests in their hands. All we can do is hope for the best.” – Ma. Agnes Surop (II AB IS)

“Actually, I think it’s very childish. I mean, you have people who go out there. They campaign. They talk to the people. They see. But they’re never sure of themselves…They go out there and do all these things just to make sure they win. They can’t seem to stand the idea of losing to someone else. So I think it’s really, really childish.” – Julius Alfie Barcelona (II BS HS)

“Sa tingin ko, hindi na siya nakakagulat, pero nakakalungkot na rin kasi maraming mga tao na [namamatay]… Hindi sila dapat nagiging part ‘nung selfish objectives ng mga politicians.” – Joanah April Hermano (IV BSM AMF)

Bale sa puwesto kasi ‘yan. Kumbaga, talagang nagpapatayan [sila] makuha lang ‘yung kanilang minimithing puwesto. Kaya ayun, siguro dahil sa kasakiman na rin sa puwesto, nagagawa nila ‘yung hindi dapat gawin. Siyempre kumbaga, pera-pera [ang] labanan diyan kaya ayun ... Kaya siguro ‘yung krimen talagang hindi maiiwasan.”Mannex Varona, Cashier, Ateneo Multi-Purpose Cooperative (AMPC)

“If you compare it with other countries, ‘di ba it doesn’t really happen frequently? And because there are a lot of crimes, I don’t get why people would want to go into politics. It’s just stupid. I don’t like the politics here in our country.” – Denise Joanna Tan (II AB Comm)

“Para sa akin‘di ba gagastos nang marami ‘yung mga candidates para makapasok sa Senado? [Sa] tingin ko, dahil kasi malaki ‘yung nakukuha nilang pera sa loob kaysa sa ginagastos nila, kaya gagawin nila lahat para lang makapasok as senators or other kind of officials. Tapos siyempre kung natatalo sila, siyempre baka magha-hire sila ng mga men para mag-assassinate or pumatay ng ibang tao.” – Jose Carlo Magsino (II BS Bio-A)

WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON THE HIGH NUMBER OF ELECTION-RELATED CRIMES? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Namfrel QC to resume encoding by 8AM

4AM - Namfrel Quezon City (QC) chapter or Bantay Bilang will come up with a more efficient system of encoding by 8AM.

The Management of Information Systems (MIS) team, composed of personnel and students from the Loyola Schools (LS), will help develop this system.

The current program is slow, a problem similar to those that Namfrel National encountered.

The volunteers for the 12AM to 4AM shift were asked to work also for the 4AM to 8AM shift. As of press time, almost all volunteers are checking the election returns (ERs) so that encoding can resume by 8AM.

Walk-in volunteers are highly encouraged to come after midnight as there are usually a few volunteers by this time.

Hannah S. Varilla
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Friday, May 18, 2007

How was your experience as a voter?

Interviews by Martin Dante L. del Rosario, Katrina B. Paredes, and Margaret Michelle C. Tan

“Voting wasn't as big a hassle as I thought it would be. We got our precinct numbers without much delay, and there wasn't a long line where we were supposed to vote, so we got our ballots quickly. However, the poll watchers were hanging around the area, and so I couldn't really concentrate on casting my votes. It wasn't exactly comfortable to write down names and then worry about the poll watchers standing right behind me.” – Angelica Elise Lim (II BS Mgt)

“Di ko alam sino boboto ko, pero okay naman, kahit tinatamad ako, it was a different experience kasi first time ko.” – Genevieve Lim (III AB MEco)

“It was okay. I was annoyed at a lot of things like trying to find the precinct number. But maybe that’s just me. I found it quite slow…but then again, there were a lot of people, and I don’t know the whole voting process. ‘Cause my friends and I were talking about it. Shouldn’t it be computerized na and all? So there, parang waiting in line, then, they’re trying to find pa your voter’s ID or something. So parang it's slow.” – Erin Victoria Montenejo (II BS MCT)

“It was actually organized. I already knew my precinct, so I didn’t have to look for my name on the list which would’ve been a big hassle.” – Melinda Gayle Limlengco (II BS ME)

“Surprisingly, I felt very much unprepared when I was actually there. All the technicals went smoothly—finding my precinct, blah blah. Pero nung nakuha ko na yung ballot, parang, ‘Uh…’ Despite having ample time to come up with a list of candidates etc., ang dami ko pa ring blanks. I suppose it's a lack of personal preparation.” – Gabrielle Ann Agarrado (III BS Ch:MSE)

“Okay naman po. Hindi naman po kami masyado tense kasi alam na namin iboboto namin.” – Allan Oliva, security guard

“It was actually very chaotic. It took some time to find my name in the voters’ list. There were others whose names were not there or others moved to a different voting center. Two precincts lost their indelible inks arousing suspicion of fraud and cheating. But still, it was worth the wait and the frustration to be able to contribute to change.” – Joseph Gideon Sarreal (III BS MCT)

“I voted in the province (Tarlac). It was short and sweet. People came early eh. Basta it really wasn’t as much of a hassle as people expect it to be.” – Raem Puno (IV AB IS)

“Okay lang, mainit, pero obvious na madaming violation. Pagpasok mo pa lang sa school may nagbibigay ng sample ballots with candidates’ names. The posters of candidates are right outside the school, hanging pa sa electric wires. May pumasok sa loob ng polling room nagbubulong ng person na dapat i-vote for mayor pero pinalabas din agad ng poll watchers.” – Hannah Stephanie Ang (III BS MCT)

“Well, it was easy for me because it was in my village and I came early. I had fun.” – Lourdes Ramona Victoria Farrales (II BS LM)

“Okay naman. Wala naman [gulo]… maayos naman eh. Maluwag naman dun sa amin sa Marikina.” – Alma Fermano, photocopying lady

“Well, the voting system nowadays, I think, is more orderly. Kasi, as a first-time voter, ‘yung places where I should go was given to me properly. May mga directions on where to place this paper and that. It’s written already there and stuff so… Ayun, I think it’s more orderly as a whole.” – Moses Cantillon (III AB Eu)

Pagpunta ko ‘dun, di pa bukas ‘yung presinto. Kung ‘di ako nagreklamo, ‘di pa sana bubuksan. ‘di pa raw kasi preparado, e diba dapat one day before naka-prepare na ‘yun? Bakit may delay? ‘Di nila inisip na may pasok ‘yung ibang mga tao, gaya ko. ‘yung sa paghanap ng pangalan, ako pa nagturo para ‘yung number na lang ang hanapin, ‘di yung apilyedo, para mas mabilis. Kaya ‘yun, medyo matagal.” – Joseph Banhao, security guard

“I have no idea what the ballot looks like, so when I saw sample ballots being given out, there was a part where I didn’t know who to vote for. I wasn’t able to vote anyway because I can’t find my name in the voters’ list. I spent an hour going up and down the building designated for our barangay and the people handling the ballots were so unhelpful.” – Sophia Kho (III BS LM)

HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A VOTER? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!

Namfrel QC Quick Count Partial and Unofficial Results

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections - Quezon City Chapter
Results as of May 18, 1201AM

No. of Precincts: 1,601


Acebedo, Romeo S. - 855
Alvarez, Florian Yani L. - 943
Belmonte, Feliciano R. - 128,636
Rosales, Andy Q. - 2,162


Bautista, Herbert Constantine N. - 125,965
Bautista, Roberto B. - 1,737
Jota, Rolando M - 1,732
Obsum, Rogelio P. - 504

(1st District)

Abesamis, Romel R. - 6,394
Crisologo, Vincent P. - 20,315
Padilla, Antonio A. - 3,205

(2nd District)

Aban, Vicente Jr. - 59
Balosa, Esmeraldo - 30
Jimenez, Walter - 65
Liban, Dante - 6,421
Mathay, Ismael- 14,938
Nueva, Noima - 183
Simon, Brigido, Jr. - 5,695
Susano, Maryanne - 20,409

(3rd District)

Calderon, Ramon - 925
Corrioso, Benjamin - 311
Defensor, Mattias - 20,223
Lope, Wendell - 296
Pumaren, Filomeno - 3,454
Remoto, Danton - 2,438
Soriano, Sis Lita - 357

(4th District)

Daza, Nanette - 19,203
Palacios, Albert Hans - 3,237


Aguas, Reynaldo S. - 2,407
Belmonte, Ricardo J. - 13,098
Beltran, Arturo Jr. D. - 2,865
Bilaos, Fermin B. - 3,804
Calalay, Francisco Jr. A. - 19,754
Canseco, George Jr. A. - 5,330
Delarmente, Dorothy A. - 15,776
Diño, Martin Baduiis - 4,609
Ferrer, Victor Jr. V. - 15,497
Herrera-Dy, Bernadette - 20,649
Jacinto, Senen Jr. A. - 3,622
Juico, Joseph Emile H. - 15,261
Mondejar, Jon B. - 2,677
Nacpil, Edwin M. - 1,639
Pleyto, Salvador Jr. G. - 6,063
Samson, Moises S. - 10,851
, Eddie M. - 1,939
Sarino, Henry Vincent A. - 8,642
Soberano, Gregorio P. - 1,508
, Alejo C. - 1,009


Acol, Glenn - 714
Alegarbes, Mocario - 304
Arias, Joseph - 1,131
Berzabal, Raymond - 575
Buscayno, Jamil - 812
Castelo, Winston - 37,089
Cayobit, Pastor - 620
Dela Cruz, Alberto - 703
Dela Cruz, Teresita - 1,464
Denosita, Tony - 969
Dy, Andres - 1,107
Francisco, Allan Butch - 30,614
Jacob, Gerald - 2,019
Jickain, Aiko - 22,310
Liban, Voltaire - 30,396
Medalla, Ramon - 31,874
Medina, Eden - 27,610
Pilar, Ma.Victoria - 20,442
Rocapok, Quentin - 456
Rodriguez, Samuel - 2,878
Saludes, Louie John - 6,430
Valmocina, Felecito - 23,216


Banal, Jorge - 24,311
Borres, Jaime - 17,650
Carios, Raymundo - 5,383
De Guzman, Dante - 20,779
Dela Luna, Charlotte - 1,498
Escober, Rodrigo - 2,929
Gonzales, Amadeo - 4,888
Lagumbay, Wencerom - 21,810
Pumaren,.Franz - 22,380
Reyes, Allan - 10,877
, Diorella Maria - 18,685
Torrecampo, Beda - 11,089

Battung, Luciano B. - 690
Belmonte, Vicente Eric Jr. - 14,068
Delfinado, Edgar - 6,169
Hipol, Bayani - 13,251
Inton, Ariel - 17,212
Lagman, Edcel - 15,705
Malangen, Restituto - 13,859
Malaya, Janet - 17,050
Montilla, Armando - 11,330
Suntay, Jesus - 17,087
Timtiman, Bonifacio - 1,064

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Manang's Vote

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Purisima Rentosa, the manang behind “Manang’s” carinderia, takes her Manong’s orders when it comes to voting.

Bumoto po ba kayo?
Hindi ako masyadong ano diyan. Basta binigay ni Manong, isusulat ko, tapos na. Bumoto kami, dito sa Miriam.

Ano po ba yung naging experience niyo?
Mainit, tapos maraming tao, siksikan. Pero ‘yung mahirap hanapin ‘yung pangalan, eh lagi kami diyan bumoboto, hindi naman kami nahirapan maghanap ng pangalan namin. Kasi yung iba, nandun sa mga pangalan pagpasok mo, pero pagpunta na nila din sa prisinto nila, hindi na nila makita yung mga number, kaya hahanapin pa nila. Pero kami, hindi naman kami nahirapan. Maayos naman.

Diba sabi niyo po si Manong po yung may alam sa pulitiko, paano po kayo pumipili ng iboboto?
Kasi siyempre nagtatrabaho siya sa barangay, marami siyang nakakasalamuhang tao sa city hall, ganyan, nakakapagkuwento-kuwento, pero ako sa bahay lang. Basta binigay niya yung mga pangalan na iboboto, yun na hindi na ako nagtatanong-tanong. Alam mo naman ako diyan lang sa bahay, sa palengke, sa bahay, ganyan lang.

Ano pong masasabi niyo sa pagkakaiba ng dating eleksyon tsaka sa ngayon?
Wala naman akong ma-anong iba. Ang ano ko lang ngayon, parang tahimik at tsaka malinis. Dati-rati sa Maryknoll naku, ang daming kalat-kalat! Punta ka sa labas may nagbibigay ng sample ballot, gastos pa yun at madumi pa. Ngayon parang tahimik tapos malinis, wala kang makitang mga posters, mga kalat diyan sa semento. Ang linis.

Catherine N. Dellosa and Erik S. Fajardo

Namfrel QC Quick Count Partial and Unofficial Results

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections - Quezon City Chapter
Results as of May 17, 4PM


Acebedo, Romeo S. - 633
Alvarez, Florian Yani L. - 697
Belmonte, Feliciano R. - 89485
Rosales, Andy Q. - 1825


Bautista, Herbert Constantine N. - 87481
Bautista, Roberto B. - 1305
Jota, Rolando M - 1460
Obsum, Rogelio P. - 357

(1st District)

Abesamis, Romel R. - 3624
Crisologo, Vincent P. - 12160
Padilla, Antonio A. - 3048

(2nd District)

Aban, Vicente Jr. - 40
Balosa, Esmeraldo - 18
Jimenez, Walter - 47
Liban, Dante - 3963
Mathay, Ismael- 9230
Nueva, Noima - 128
Simon, Brigido, Jr. - 3786
Susano, Maryanne - 13154

(3rd District)

Calderon, Ramon - 742
Corrioso, Benjamin - 181
Defensor, Mattias - 16291
Lope, Wendell - 253
Pumaren, Filomeno - 2796
Remoto, Danton - 1982
Soriano, Sis Lita - 301

(4th District)

Daza, Nanette - 14979
Palacios, Albert Hans - 2494


Aguas, Reynaldo S. - 1441
Belmonte, Ricardo J. - 7692
Beltran, Arturo Jr. D. - 2437
Bilaos, Fermin B. - 2365
Calalay, Francisco Jr. A. - 11583
Canseco, George Jr. A. - 4286
Delarmente, Dorothy A. - 9257
Diño, Martin Baduiis - 3442
Ferrer, Victor Jr. V. - 8980
Herrera-Dy, Bernadette - 12667
Jacinto, Senen Jr. A. - 3166
Juico, Joseph Emile H. - 8951
Mondejar, Jon B. - 2539
Nacpil, Edwin M. - 936
Pleyto, Salvador Jr. G. - 3707
Samson, Moises S. - 6655
, Eddie M. - 1769
Sarino, Henry Vincent A. - 4882
Soberano, Gregorio P. - 1370
, Alejo C. - 613


Acol, Glenn - 447
Alegarbes, Mocario - 183
Arias, Joseph - 729
Berzabal, Raymond - 342
Buscayno, Jamil - 519
Castelo, Winston - 23600
Cayobit, Pastor - 380
Dela Cruz, Alberto - 419
Dela Cruz, Teresita - 900
Denosita, Tony - 510
Dy, Andres - 555
Francisco, Allan Butch - 19741
Jacob, Gerald - 1215
Jickain, Aiko - 13891
Liban, Voltaire - 19394
Medalla, Ramon - 20390
Medina, Eden - 17736
Pilar, Ma.Victoria - 12954
Rocapok, Quentin - 265
Rodriguez, Samuel - 1833
Saludes, Louie John - 4130
Valmocina, Felecito - 14711


Banal, Jorge - 19671
Borres, Jaime - 14487
Carios, Raymundo - 4263
De Guzman, Dante - 16809
Dela Luna, Charlotte - 1203
Escober, Rodrigo - 2274
Gonzales, Amadeo - 3925
Lagumbay, Wencerom - 17588
Pumaren,.Franz - 18224
Reyes, Allan - 8736
, Diorella Maria - 15086
Torrecampo, Beda - 8895


Battung, Luciano B. - 549
Belmonte, Vicente Eric Jr. - 11031
Delfinado, Edgar - 4937
Hipol, Bayani - 10288
Inton, Ariel - 13340
Lagman, Edcel - 12283
Malangen, Restituto - 10792
Malaya, Janet - 13277
Montilla, Armando - 8665
Suntay, Jesus - 13330
Timtiman, Bonifacio - 758

More volunteers sign up for Namfrel QC quick count

405PM - Bantay Bilang, Namfrel Quezon City's operation quick count, is already picking up its pace.

As of press time, 35 new volunteers have signed up today. Bantay Bilang Head for Media Relations Gita Luz (AB IS '07) expects that they would be able to reach their target of tabulating 70% of the city's election returns (ERs) by Sunday.

Luz said that the number of volunteers increased due to the boost in their efforts to promote the project through text messaging. The message emphasized the urgency of having more volunteers to speed up the tabulation.

Luz hopes that they would be able to contribute to hastening Namfrel's region-wide quick count. “The transmission [now] from the NCR is actually slow. [If] Quezon City, being a big city [in itself] has its votes tabulated faster, I think we would be able to help a lot in speeding up the quick count.”

In the next eight hours, officers are anticipating more walk-in volunteers, as they consider the 4PM to 8PM and the 8PM to 12AM shifts as the peak of volunteer sign-ups.

Xianne S. Arcangel
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Whom did you vote for, and what do you expect from them?

Interviews by Jodel Pierre P. Ampil, Keila Marii C. Chavez, and Edgar B. Concepcion Jr.

“Noynoy Aquino. Parang he would be able to do what his father [had] left for him [to do]. Tsaka let’s do something unusual. Tingnan natin kung mananalo siya.” – Lauren Michelle Santos (II BS HS)

“Chiz Escudero, kasi he’s a man of dignity and courage. I believe that [by] voting for him, the Philippines will have a just lawmaker who will voice out any anomalies that may affect [the] society’s welfare. His campaign against graft and corruption leads me to think that he will be one of the pioneers of a better and more transparent Senate.” – Maria Janela Herrera (III BS MCT)

Si Kiko Pangilinan, kasi may paninindigan siya at [sa tingin ko ay] magiging maayos siya.” – Leah Robes (II AB IS)

“Rolando Tigas ng Samal, Bataan, kasi nung naging mayor siya, nakita ko ‘yung pagbabago. Mas gumanda ‘yung plaza, at ‘yung palengke [ay] lumaki. Gusto ko[ng] ipagpatuloy niya ‘yung pagpapaganda sa lugar namin.” – Ana Liza Chacon, photocopying lady, Rizal Library

“Kiram for senator, kasi kahit na hindi ako Muslim, malaki ang pagbabago kung may representasyon ang mga Muslim sa Senado kasi for the longest time [ay] wala eh. Kahit na hindi naging matunog ‘yung pangalan niya nu’ng kampanya, sinigurado ko na malalagay ko ‘yung pangalan niya.” – Jethro Niño Tenorio, Instructor, Department of Filipino

Binoto ko si Manny Villar kasi ever since bata pa lang ako, sabi ng parents ko, sobrang hindi siya mangurakot. Masipag at matiyaga siya.” – Martin Molina (IV AB Eco)

Binoto ko si Chiz Escudero. Binoto ko siya dahil magaling siyang politician, tapos marami siyang kino-contest sa Congress. Gusto ko ng ganu’n. Ayoko [nang] nangbu-bully lang yung administration. Mas gusto ko yung may lumalaban sa kanila para may different view na pine-present.” – Roberto Ramon Sangalang (IV BS Mgt)

"Lacson. [I expect that he will promote] peace and order." – Kendrick Share (III BS CS)

“My main choices for senator are the people from Ang Kapatiran—Paredes, Sison, and Bautista. I voted for them because I want to make a stand and they were the only three candidates that were non-partisan and that did not rely on popularity. They had a legitimate platform and they were the only ones who really had a clear-cut way of changing.” – Patrick Gerard Simon-King, Instructor, Department of Economics

Si Chiz Escudero. He looks promising. He has a good track record, and he’s a man of principle.” – Kezia Kariana Montemayor (III BS MIS)

"Kapatiran, because they’re God-centered… so the Senate will not be solely working, solely political… important kasi [that they’re] God-fearing.” – Angela Francisca del Rosario (AB Psy ’07)

Si Chiz Escudero. Ine-expect ko sa kanya yung project niya raw sa pabahay. May narinig ako na maganda explanation niya. Kunwari daw yung tao, ilagay mo sa parang pigpen, mag-aasal-baboy. Pero ‘pag linagay mo raw sa bahay, titino raw yung mga tao. Nakita ko yung mga tao na nangangailangan ng bahay. So ‘yun [‘yung] ine-expect ko sa kanya.” – Paolo Gayod (III AB Eco)

“I voted for Kiram, the only Muslim candidate. I think [that] for the longest time, Muslims did not have any representative in the Senate and I think the Catholics were very controlling. I think it is about time that a Muslim represent[s] people from Mindanao.” – Nina Monica Cariaga (II AB MEco)

"Chiz Escudero. [Sana ay] huwag [siyang] maging [traditional politician (trapo)]." – Edralyn Baisa, Staff, Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (ADSA)

“Escudero. Ine-expect ko na lalo pa niyang lalabanan yung administrasyong Arroyo gaya nang ginagawa niya nung congressman pa lang siya. Ngayon, ‘pag naging senador siya, mas mailabas niya sana ang kabulukan ng gobyerno para sa ikakabubuti ng lahat.” – Sairry Sandoval, Secretary, Department of Economics

WHOM DID YOU VOTE FOR, AND WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THEM? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!

Namfrel QC expects surge of volunteers this weekend

1227PM – The Namfrel Quezon City (QC) operation quick count, Bantay Bilang, is expecting a surge of volunteers from May 18 to 20, said Gita Luz (AB IS ’07), Bantay Bilang Head for Media Relations.

Luz said that Bantay Bilang is already welcoming people in between shifts, and that there is no need to pre-enlist. Training for shifts is also done on the spot to accommodate the need for more volunteers. “The priority is to streamline the system. We’re still moving at a very slow rate.”

“Hopefully, Bantay Bilang can encode faster during the weekends, where we expect a surge of volunteers because it’s the students’ or workers’ free time,” she added.

As of last night, 12% of the election returns (ERs) were encoded. Namfrel QC’s target is to tabulate 70% of the ERs by Sunday.

For the next four hours, Namfrel QC will try to coordinate with Ateneo de Zamboanga University (ADZU) to help collate the tally of the ERs, Luz said.

Nikko Carlo A. Tolentino
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Namfrel QC Quick Count Partial and Unofficial Results

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections - Quezon City Chapter
Results as of May 17, 12AM


Acebedo, Romeo S. - 469
Alvarez, Florian Yani L. - 491
Belmonte, Feliciano R. - 63,892
Rosales, Andy Q. - 1,467


Bautista, Herbert Constantine N. - 62,151
Bautista, Roberto B. - 989
Jota, Rolando M. - 1,234
Obsum, Rogelio P. - 256

(1st District)

Abesamis, Romel R. - 2,242
Crisologo, Vincent P. - 7,557
Padilla, Antonio A. - 2,918

(2nd District)

Aban, Vicente Jr. - 24
Balosa, Esmeraldo - 11
Jimenez, Walter - 34
Liban, Dante - 2,681
Mathay, Ismael - 6,113
Nueva, Noima - 86
Simon, Brigido, Jr. - 2,591
Susano, Maryanne - 9,130

(3rd District)

Calderon, Ramon - 567
Corrioso, Benjamin - 121
Defensor, Mattias - 12,129
Lope, Wendell - 204
Pumaren, Filomeno - 2,025
Remoto, Danton - 1,387
Soriano, Sis Lita - 217

(4th District)

Daza, Nanette - 11,850
Palacios, Albert Hans - 1,942


Aguas, Reynaldo S. - 837
Belmonte, Ricardo J. - 4,692
Beltran, Arturo Jr. D. - 2,132
Bilaos, Fermin B. - 1,341
Calalay, Francisco Jr. A. - 7,141
Canseco, George Jr. A. - 3,418
Delarmente, Dorothy A. - 5,598
Diño, Martin Baduiis - 2,882
Ferrer, Victor Jr. V. - 5,361
Herrera-Dy, Bernadette - 8,453
Jacinto, Senen Jr. A. - 2,945
Juico, Joseph Emile H. - 5,432
Mondejar, Jon B. - 2,436
Nacpil, Edwin M. - 542
Pleyto, Salvador Jr. G. - 2,357
Samson, Moises S. - 4,326
Santos, Eddie M. - 1,659
Sarino, Henry Vincent A. - 3,021
Soberano, Gregorio P. - 1,292
Zamora, Alejo C. - 331


Acol, Glenn - 312
Alegarbes, Mocario - 124
Arias, Joseph - 504
Berzabal, Raymond - 219
Buscayno, Jamil - 361
Castelo, Winston - 16,201
Cayobit, Pastor - 265
Dela Cruz, Alberto - 286
Dela Cruz, Teresita - 595
Denosita, Tony - 328
Dy, Andres - 408
Francisco, Allan Butch - 13,557
Jacob, Gerald - 762
Jickain, Aiko - 9,192
Liban, Voltaire - 13,335
Medalla, Ramon - 13,911
Medina, Eden - 12,201
Pilar, Ma.Victoria - 8,557
Rocapok, Quentin - 169
Rodriguez, Samuel - 1,197
Saludes, Louie John - 2,682
Valmocina, Felecito - 10,220


Banal, Jorge - 14,556
Borres, Jaime - 10,570
Carios, Raymundo - 3,278
De Guzman, Dante - 12,361
Dela Luna, Charlotte - 871
Escober, Rodrigo - 1,607
Gonzales, Amadeo - 2,906
Lagumbay, Wencerom - 12,882
Pumaren, Franz - 13,174
Reyes, Allan - 6,350
Sotto-De Leon, Diorella Maria - 11,271
Torrecampo, Beda - 6,818


Battung, Luciano B. - 463
Belmonte, Vicente Eric Jr. - 8,649
Delfinado, Edgar - 3,867
Hipol, Bayani - 8,106
Inton, Ariel - 10,454
Lagman, Edcel - 9,726
Malangen, Restituto - 8,409
Malaya, Janet - 10,441
Montilla, Armando - 6,795
Suntay, Jesus - 10,485
Timtiman, Bonifacio - 647

Namfrel QC aims to speed up operations

1213AM – The Namfrel QC quick count, Bantay Bilang, core group is trying to figure out ways of organizing operations to make tabulations faster and more efficient, said Gita Luz (AB IS ’07), Bantay Bilang Head for Media Relations.

Luz said that they are trying to change the protocols for checking so they can use manpower and time more efficiently. They are still trying to improve the program so that it runs better.

Luz said that as of press time, they are doing better than when they started. However, they need to speed up operations and recruit more volunteers so that Bantay Bilang can reach its target of 70% of the election returns (ERs) by this week.

For the next four hours, Luz said that they will try to adjust operations so that change can be implemented by today's 8AM shift.

Henson Tyler T. Wongaiham
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Namfrel QC to update results by 4AM tomorrow

8PM - Namfrel Quezon City Chapter will not be releasing updated election results until about 4AM of May 17.

Namfrel QC's operation quick count is also called Bantay Bilang.

Kris Suarez (BS ES ’07), a point person for Bantay Bilang media relations, said that the results from today's 2PM to 12PM shifts and those from tomorrow's 12AM to 4AM shift will be consolidated to avoid further software problems.

According to Suarez, the Excel program that Namfrel uses for tabulations has been running smoothly so far. Volunteers did not encounter any software-related problems during the 4PM to 8PM shift. The flow of volunteers was also very smooth.

Suarez said that Bantay Bilang was more efficient this time since volunteers did not have to wait for a long time before their shift. There were also no extensions in the shifts. Excess volunteers, especially the walk-ins, were all given tasks.

Suarez added that Bantay Bilang also needs more volunteers for the morning shifts as these are the “dry shifts.” Students, who form bulk of the volunteers, have classes in the morning.

Katherine Marie M. Cadeliña
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Namfrel QC Quick Count Partial and Unofficial Results

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections - Quezon City Chapter
Results as of May 16, 12PM

No. of Precincts: 417


Acebedo, Romeo S. - 315
Alvarez, Florian Yani L. - 302
Belmonte, Feliciano R. - 35,185
Rosales, Andy Q. - 1,248


Bautista, Herbert Constantine N. - 35,193
Bautista, Roberto B. - 519
Jota, Rolando M. - 983
Obsum, Rogelio P. - 166


Abesamis, Romel R. - 1,047
Crisologo, Vincent P. - 3,388
Padilla, Antonio A. - 867


Aban, Vicente Jr. - 14
Balosa, Esmeraldo - 8
Jimenez, Walter - 22
Liban, Dante - 1,565
Mathay, Ismael - 3,347
Nueva, Noima - 74
Simon, Brigido, Jr. - 1,364
Susano, Maryanne - 4,000

(3rd District)

Calderon, Ramon - 303
Corrioso, Benjamin - 72
Defensor, Mattias - 6,647
Lope, Wendell - 65
Pumaren, Filomeno - 1,156
Remoto, Danton - 794
Soriano, Sis Lita - 118

(4th District)

Daza, Nanette - 9,000
Palacios, Albert Hans - 1,769


Aguas, Reynaldo S. - 380
Belmonte, Ricardo J. - 2,069
Beltran, Arturo Jr. D. - 688
Bilaos, Fermin B. - 640
Calalay, Francisco Jr. A. - 3,075
Canseco, George Jr. A. - 1,085
Delarmente, Dorothy A. - 2,447
Diño, Martin Baduiis - 919
Ferrer, Victor Jr. V. - 2,387
Herrera-Dy, Bernadette - 3,454
Jacinto, Senen Jr. A. - 949
Juico, Joseph Emile H. - 2,438
Mondejar, Jon B. - 716
Nacpil, Edwin M. - 256
Pleyto, Salvador Jr. G. - 1,088
Samson, Moises S. - 1,837
Santos, Eddie M. - 546
Sarino, Henry Vincent A. - 1,398
Soberano, Gregorio P. - 379
Zamora, Alejo C. - 166


Acol, Glenn - 175
Alegarbes, Mocario - 75
Arias, Joseph - 311
Berzabal, Raymond - 149
Buscayno, Jamil - 204
Castelo, Winston - 7,993
Cayobit, Pastor - 143
Dela Cruz, Alberto - 156
Dela Cruz, Teresita - 332
Denosita, Tony - 182
Dy, Andres - 255
Francisco, Allan Butch - 6,516
Jacob, Gerald - 410
Jickain, Aiko - 4,639
Liban, Voltaire - 6,603
Medalla, Ramon - 6,674
Medina, Eden - 5,841
Pilar, Ma.Victoria - 4,481
Rocapok, Quentin - 103
Rodriguez, Samuel - 637
Saludes, Louie John - 1,479
Valmocina, Felecito - 4,877


Banal, Jorge - 8,081
Borres, Jaime - 5,774
Carios, Raymundo - 1,792
De Guzman, Dante - 6,820
Dela Luna, Charlotte - 478
Escober, Rodrigo - 889
Gonzales, Amadeo - 1,646
Lagumbay, Wencerom - 7,218
Pumaren, Franz - 7,426
Reyes, Allan - 3,556
Sotto-De Leon, Diorella Maria - 6,145
Torrecampo, Beda - 3,480


Battung, Luciano B. - 437
Belmonte, Vicente Eric Jr. - 6,729
Delfinado, Edgar - 2,750
Hipol, Bayani - 6,033
Inton, Ariel - 8,018
Lagman, Edcel - 7,503
Malangen, Restituto - 6,216
Malaya, Janet - 7,873
Montillo, Armando - 5,303
Suntay, Jesus - 8,216
Timtiman, Bonifacio - 460

Namfrel QC quick count calls for more volunteers

by Ayee D. Macaraig

737PM – Namfrel Quezon City (QC)chapter once again sent invitations via e-mail to invite people to volunteer for the project.

Namfrel QC's operation quick count is also called Bantay Bilang.

“A lot have already responded to the call of volunteerism but Bantay Bilang needs more people to help out,” said the invitation.

In earlier reports of The GUIDON, Bantay Bilang officers said that they still need more volunteers especially for May 17 onwards and for night shifts.

Walk-in volunteers are asked to be at the Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership (MVP-CSL) one hour before the four-hour shifts for training and instructions. This means that they must come at 3AM, 7AM, 11AM, 3PM, 7PM or 11PM.

Interested volunteers may text Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral (Sanggu) President Karl Satinitigan (IV BS LM) at 0915-7882132, call 4266001 local 5061-65, or drop by at the MVP-CSL.

Namfrel QC close to getting 90% target ERs

12PM – Namfrel Quezon City (QC) chapter has already collected 4,480 election returns (ERs), which is close to its 90% target or 4,534 ERs out of 5,037, said Gita Luz (AB IS ’07), Namfrel QCHead for Media Relations.

Namfrel QC's operation quick count is also called Bantay Bilang.

Recovering from software problems last night, Bantay Bilang’s encoding and collating process has resumed at 8AM. Operations are back to normal.

Officers, however, said that the collating process for local elections needs to quicken. To achieve this, Luz said that they have asked the help of Management Information Systems (MIS) personnel. Volunteer Training Head Aaron Palabyab (AB Comm ’07) added that MIS students and technicians have served as consultants since operations started.

Bantay Bilang officers also said that they expect volunteers to work faster as they get more used to their tasks.

There has been a steady number of volunteers throughout the day, with 4PM to 8PM being the peak time for walk-in volunteers. Five to 10 walk-in volunteers are estimated to come per shift.

Stephanie O. Chan
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Bantay Pangako: Monitoring Promises

by Randy Tuaño
Lecturer, Department of Economics

To help communities monitor the promises of candidates after they win in the elections, the Bantay Pangako project was formed in January by several Ateneo professors and civil society groups. The group requested the Pugadlawin political reform network, headed by Dr. Benjie Tolosa, then chair of the Department of Political Science, to spearhead the project.


Bantay Pangako modeled itself after what has been undertaken by other civil society groups.

One of these is the “Silingan Ka!” (You Are My Neighbor!) project in Zamboanga Sibugay in 2001, which aimed to raise consciousness on issues that should be at the forefront of local elections. A covenant-signing process was then held between Silingan Ka’s representatives and the elected politicians, on the programs to be implemented after the elections.

Meanwhile, in Cebu City, there was the “Kaabag sa Sugbu” project in 1992, which aimed to increase the influence of non-government and people’s organizations in the city government’s policy-making process. The coalition was able to elect into office the Cebu City mayor and several councilors, who agreed to implement policies that this group suggested.


In the mold of the said models, Bantay Pangako aims (1) to help poor communities in developing their own electoral agenda based on their needs, and (2) to present these agenda to candidates who can agree to undertake these if they win the elections.

An integral part of this is a covenant-signing process between the candidates and the community leaders. The communities, after the elections, are expected to monitor the winning candidates’ performance based on the agenda they signed. This process is closely linked with the Pinoy Voters’ Academy, a training program of the Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), which aims to deepen the electorate’s political consciousness.

Dreams come true

So far, Bantay Pangako has been making progress:

  • In February, Pugadlawin held dialogues with the leaders of Ateneo de Naga University, and made contacts with leaders of social action offices in Xavier University, so that similar efforts can be made in their respective areas. It also tasked its members who were working for the Ateneo School of Government (ASG) and the SLB to start conceptualizing the issue.
  • In turn, a training manual was developed to help communities who want to undertake a Bantay Pangako process. The manual was developed at the end of March by the staff of ASG, the SLB, and the Office for Social Concern and Involvement (OSCI), and the leaders of the Ateneo Student Catholic Action (AtSCA), the Society of Jesus Social Apostolate (SJSA), and the Caucus of Development NGO Networks.
  • Similar efforts were undertaken in Naga City and in Cagayan de Oro City, where leaders in Xavier University and NGOs organized a movement called "Managsilingan Kita!" (similar to “Silingan Ka!”) in Iloilo and Tacloban.
  • In Quezon City last April 28, the AtSCA organized a Bantay Pangako process for its areas in Marytown, Park 7 and Kaingin. There, the AtSCA was able to help the communities develop their own agenda and present these to selected candidates for Quezon City councilor, who promised to implement substantial parts of the program.

We hope that Bantay Pangako will not end with the May 14 elections, and that communities will continue to monitor the winning candidates’ promises. We also expect the Bantay Pangako process to be expanded before the elections in 2010.