Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Namfrel QC to update results by 4AM tomorrow

8PM - Namfrel Quezon City Chapter will not be releasing updated election results until about 4AM of May 17.

Namfrel QC's operation quick count is also called Bantay Bilang.

Kris Suarez (BS ES ’07), a point person for Bantay Bilang media relations, said that the results from today's 2PM to 12PM shifts and those from tomorrow's 12AM to 4AM shift will be consolidated to avoid further software problems.

According to Suarez, the Excel program that Namfrel uses for tabulations has been running smoothly so far. Volunteers did not encounter any software-related problems during the 4PM to 8PM shift. The flow of volunteers was also very smooth.

Suarez said that Bantay Bilang was more efficient this time since volunteers did not have to wait for a long time before their shift. There were also no extensions in the shifts. Excess volunteers, especially the walk-ins, were all given tasks.

Suarez added that Bantay Bilang also needs more volunteers for the morning shifts as these are the “dry shifts.” Students, who form bulk of the volunteers, have classes in the morning.

Katherine Marie M. Cadeliña
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Namfrel QC Quick Count Partial and Unofficial Results

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections - Quezon City Chapter
Results as of May 16, 12PM

No. of Precincts: 417


Acebedo, Romeo S. - 315
Alvarez, Florian Yani L. - 302
Belmonte, Feliciano R. - 35,185
Rosales, Andy Q. - 1,248


Bautista, Herbert Constantine N. - 35,193
Bautista, Roberto B. - 519
Jota, Rolando M. - 983
Obsum, Rogelio P. - 166


Abesamis, Romel R. - 1,047
Crisologo, Vincent P. - 3,388
Padilla, Antonio A. - 867


Aban, Vicente Jr. - 14
Balosa, Esmeraldo - 8
Jimenez, Walter - 22
Liban, Dante - 1,565
Mathay, Ismael - 3,347
Nueva, Noima - 74
Simon, Brigido, Jr. - 1,364
Susano, Maryanne - 4,000

(3rd District)

Calderon, Ramon - 303
Corrioso, Benjamin - 72
Defensor, Mattias - 6,647
Lope, Wendell - 65
Pumaren, Filomeno - 1,156
Remoto, Danton - 794
Soriano, Sis Lita - 118

(4th District)

Daza, Nanette - 9,000
Palacios, Albert Hans - 1,769


Aguas, Reynaldo S. - 380
Belmonte, Ricardo J. - 2,069
Beltran, Arturo Jr. D. - 688
Bilaos, Fermin B. - 640
Calalay, Francisco Jr. A. - 3,075
Canseco, George Jr. A. - 1,085
Delarmente, Dorothy A. - 2,447
Diño, Martin Baduiis - 919
Ferrer, Victor Jr. V. - 2,387
Herrera-Dy, Bernadette - 3,454
Jacinto, Senen Jr. A. - 949
Juico, Joseph Emile H. - 2,438
Mondejar, Jon B. - 716
Nacpil, Edwin M. - 256
Pleyto, Salvador Jr. G. - 1,088
Samson, Moises S. - 1,837
Santos, Eddie M. - 546
Sarino, Henry Vincent A. - 1,398
Soberano, Gregorio P. - 379
Zamora, Alejo C. - 166


Acol, Glenn - 175
Alegarbes, Mocario - 75
Arias, Joseph - 311
Berzabal, Raymond - 149
Buscayno, Jamil - 204
Castelo, Winston - 7,993
Cayobit, Pastor - 143
Dela Cruz, Alberto - 156
Dela Cruz, Teresita - 332
Denosita, Tony - 182
Dy, Andres - 255
Francisco, Allan Butch - 6,516
Jacob, Gerald - 410
Jickain, Aiko - 4,639
Liban, Voltaire - 6,603
Medalla, Ramon - 6,674
Medina, Eden - 5,841
Pilar, Ma.Victoria - 4,481
Rocapok, Quentin - 103
Rodriguez, Samuel - 637
Saludes, Louie John - 1,479
Valmocina, Felecito - 4,877


Banal, Jorge - 8,081
Borres, Jaime - 5,774
Carios, Raymundo - 1,792
De Guzman, Dante - 6,820
Dela Luna, Charlotte - 478
Escober, Rodrigo - 889
Gonzales, Amadeo - 1,646
Lagumbay, Wencerom - 7,218
Pumaren, Franz - 7,426
Reyes, Allan - 3,556
Sotto-De Leon, Diorella Maria - 6,145
Torrecampo, Beda - 3,480


Battung, Luciano B. - 437
Belmonte, Vicente Eric Jr. - 6,729
Delfinado, Edgar - 2,750
Hipol, Bayani - 6,033
Inton, Ariel - 8,018
Lagman, Edcel - 7,503
Malangen, Restituto - 6,216
Malaya, Janet - 7,873
Montillo, Armando - 5,303
Suntay, Jesus - 8,216
Timtiman, Bonifacio - 460

Namfrel QC quick count calls for more volunteers

by Ayee D. Macaraig

737PM – Namfrel Quezon City (QC)chapter once again sent invitations via e-mail to invite people to volunteer for the project.

Namfrel QC's operation quick count is also called Bantay Bilang.

“A lot have already responded to the call of volunteerism but Bantay Bilang needs more people to help out,” said the invitation.

In earlier reports of The GUIDON, Bantay Bilang officers said that they still need more volunteers especially for May 17 onwards and for night shifts.

Walk-in volunteers are asked to be at the Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership (MVP-CSL) one hour before the four-hour shifts for training and instructions. This means that they must come at 3AM, 7AM, 11AM, 3PM, 7PM or 11PM.

Interested volunteers may text Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral (Sanggu) President Karl Satinitigan (IV BS LM) at 0915-7882132, call 4266001 local 5061-65, or drop by at the MVP-CSL.

Namfrel QC close to getting 90% target ERs

12PM – Namfrel Quezon City (QC) chapter has already collected 4,480 election returns (ERs), which is close to its 90% target or 4,534 ERs out of 5,037, said Gita Luz (AB IS ’07), Namfrel QCHead for Media Relations.

Namfrel QC's operation quick count is also called Bantay Bilang.

Recovering from software problems last night, Bantay Bilang’s encoding and collating process has resumed at 8AM. Operations are back to normal.

Officers, however, said that the collating process for local elections needs to quicken. To achieve this, Luz said that they have asked the help of Management Information Systems (MIS) personnel. Volunteer Training Head Aaron Palabyab (AB Comm ’07) added that MIS students and technicians have served as consultants since operations started.

Bantay Bilang officers also said that they expect volunteers to work faster as they get more used to their tasks.

There has been a steady number of volunteers throughout the day, with 4PM to 8PM being the peak time for walk-in volunteers. Five to 10 walk-in volunteers are estimated to come per shift.

Stephanie O. Chan
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Bantay Pangako: Monitoring Promises

by Randy Tuaño
Lecturer, Department of Economics

To help communities monitor the promises of candidates after they win in the elections, the Bantay Pangako project was formed in January by several Ateneo professors and civil society groups. The group requested the Pugadlawin political reform network, headed by Dr. Benjie Tolosa, then chair of the Department of Political Science, to spearhead the project.


Bantay Pangako modeled itself after what has been undertaken by other civil society groups.

One of these is the “Silingan Ka!” (You Are My Neighbor!) project in Zamboanga Sibugay in 2001, which aimed to raise consciousness on issues that should be at the forefront of local elections. A covenant-signing process was then held between Silingan Ka’s representatives and the elected politicians, on the programs to be implemented after the elections.

Meanwhile, in Cebu City, there was the “Kaabag sa Sugbu” project in 1992, which aimed to increase the influence of non-government and people’s organizations in the city government’s policy-making process. The coalition was able to elect into office the Cebu City mayor and several councilors, who agreed to implement policies that this group suggested.


In the mold of the said models, Bantay Pangako aims (1) to help poor communities in developing their own electoral agenda based on their needs, and (2) to present these agenda to candidates who can agree to undertake these if they win the elections.

An integral part of this is a covenant-signing process between the candidates and the community leaders. The communities, after the elections, are expected to monitor the winning candidates’ performance based on the agenda they signed. This process is closely linked with the Pinoy Voters’ Academy, a training program of the Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), which aims to deepen the electorate’s political consciousness.

Dreams come true

So far, Bantay Pangako has been making progress:

  • In February, Pugadlawin held dialogues with the leaders of Ateneo de Naga University, and made contacts with leaders of social action offices in Xavier University, so that similar efforts can be made in their respective areas. It also tasked its members who were working for the Ateneo School of Government (ASG) and the SLB to start conceptualizing the issue.
  • In turn, a training manual was developed to help communities who want to undertake a Bantay Pangako process. The manual was developed at the end of March by the staff of ASG, the SLB, and the Office for Social Concern and Involvement (OSCI), and the leaders of the Ateneo Student Catholic Action (AtSCA), the Society of Jesus Social Apostolate (SJSA), and the Caucus of Development NGO Networks.
  • Similar efforts were undertaken in Naga City and in Cagayan de Oro City, where leaders in Xavier University and NGOs organized a movement called "Managsilingan Kita!" (similar to “Silingan Ka!”) in Iloilo and Tacloban.
  • In Quezon City last April 28, the AtSCA organized a Bantay Pangako process for its areas in Marytown, Park 7 and Kaingin. There, the AtSCA was able to help the communities develop their own agenda and present these to selected candidates for Quezon City councilor, who promised to implement substantial parts of the program.

We hope that Bantay Pangako will not end with the May 14 elections, and that communities will continue to monitor the winning candidates’ promises. We also expect the Bantay Pangako process to be expanded before the elections in 2010.

Namfrel QC Quick Count Partial and Unofficial Results

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections - Quezon City Chapter
Results as of May 16, 6AM


Acebedo, Romeo S. - 205
Alvarez, Florian Yani L. - 218
Belmonte, Feliciano R. - 26057
Rosales, Andy Q. - 1082


Bautista, Herbert Constantine N. - 26080
Bautista, Roberto B. - 372
Jota, Rolando M. - 912
Obsum, Rogelio P. - 123


Abesamis, Romel R. - 746
Crisologo, Vincent P. - 2450
Padilla, Antonio A. - 847


Aban, Vicente Jr. - 13
Balosa, Esmeraldo - 5
Jimenez, Walter - 22
Liban, Dante - 1479
Mathay, Ismael - 3118
Nueva, Noima - 73
Simon, Brigido, Jr. - 1234
Susano, Maryanne - 3754

(3rd District)

Calderon, Ramon - 266
Corrioso, Benjamin - 69
Defensor, Mattias - 5924
Lope, Wendell - 56
Pumaren, Filomeno - 1067
Remoto, Danton - 705
Soriano, Sis Lita - 108

(4th District)

Daza, Nanette - 3959
Palacios, Albert Hans - 686


Aguas, Reynaldo S. - 262
Belmonte, Ricardo J. - 1474
Beltran, Arturo Jr. D. - 618
Bilaos, Fermin B. - 519
Calalay, Francisco Jr. A. - 2247
Canseco, George Jr. A. - 948
Delarmente, Dorothy A. - 1783
Diño, Martin Baduiis - 790
Ferrer, Victor Jr. V. - 1688
Herrera-Dy, Bernadette - 2565
Jacinto, Senen Jr. A. - 882
Juico, Joseph Emile H. - 1740
Mondejar, Jon B. - 690
Nacpil, Edwin M. - 183
Pleyto, Salvador Jr. G. - 854
Samson, Moises S. - 1304
Santos, Eddie M. - 524
Sarino, Henry Vincent A. - 1002
Soberano, Gregorio P. - 367
Zamora, Alejo C. - 95


Acol, Glenn - 160
Alegarbes, Mocario - 68
Arias, Joseph - 296
Berzabal, Raymond - 133
Buscayno, Jamil - 189
Castelo, Winston - 7451
Cayobit, Pastor - 130
Dela Cruz, Alberto - 140
Dela Cruz, Teresita - 308
Denosita, Tony - 175
Dy, Andres - 234
Francisco, Allan Butch - 6070
Jacob, Gerald - 377
Jickain, Aiko - 4304
Liban, Voltaire - 6155
Medalla, Ramon - 6184
Medina, Eden - 5435
Pilar, Ma.Victoria - 4170
Rocapok, Quentin - 96
Rodriguez, Samuel - 577
Saludes, Louie John - 1336
Valmocina, Felecito - 4622


Banal, Jorge - 7268
Borres, Jaime - 5197
Carios, Raymundo - 1512
De Guzman, Dante - 6115
Dela Luna, Charlotte - 448
Escober, Rodrigo - 792
Gonzales, Amadeo - 1480
Lagumbay, Wencerom - 6454
Pumaren, Franz - 6621
Reyes, Allan - 3141
Sotto-De Leon, Diorella Maria - 5522
Torrecampo, Beda - 3110


Battung, Luciano B. - 196
Belmonte, Vicente Eric Jr. - 2980
Delfinado, Edgar - 1360
Hipol, Bayani - 2522
Inton, Ariel - 3440
Lagman, Edcel - 3295
Malangen, Restituto - 2725
Malaya, Janet - 3406
Montillo, Armando - 2402
Suntay, Jesus - 3514
Timtiman, Bonifacio - 202


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Replenishment. At 1130AM, volunteers help carry food donations for Bantay Bilang volunteers at their headquarters at the Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership (MVP-CSL).
Photo by CK W. Chua

Namfrel QC resumes encoding after system problems

8AM – Namfrel Quezon City (QC) Chapter has resumed its encoding process now at Faura Hall after halting encoding operations last night.

Namfrel QC's operation quick count is also called Bantay Bilang.

Namfrel QC and other Namfrel chapters experienced software problems yesterday, which caused delays in their expected quick count.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted Namfrel Chairman Edward Go as having said that he remains optimistic despite the slow count that Namfrel is encountering. “I'm still hopeful that by the end of Friday, we shall have covered 60 percent.”

Namfrel QC said that its system problems have already been fixed. It has submitted results to La Salle Greenhills, Namfrel’s national headquarters. Results for the senatorial race, however, have not been submitted as these can be obtained online.

Namfrel QC will release updated results at noon today. It first released results at 7PM yesterday.

Sara Mae D. Mawis
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo