Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Namfrel QC Quick Count Partial and Unofficial Results

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections - Quezon City Chapter
Results as of May 15, 7PM


Acebedo, Romeo S. - 47
Alvarez, Florian Yani L. - 66
Belmonte, Feliciano R. - 7281
Rosales, Andy Q. - 101


Bautista, Herbert Constantine N. - 7273
Bautista, Roberto B. - 86
Jota, Rolando M. - 69
Obsum, Rogelio P. - 32

(1st District)

Abesamis, Romel R. - 236
Crisologo, Vincent P. - 912

Padilla, Antonio A. - 9

(2nd District)

Aban, Vicente Jr. - 2
Balosa, Esmeraldo - 2
Jimenez, Walter - 6
Liban, Dante - 283

Mathay, Ismael - 561
Nueva, Noima - 5
Simon, Brigido, Jr. - 137
Susano, Maryanne - 628

(3rd District)

Calderon, Ramon - 107
Corrioso, Benjamin - 27
Defensor, Mattias - 1995
Lope, Wendell - 26
Pumaren, Filomeno - 360
Remoto, Danton - 194
Soriano, Sis Lita - 40

(4th District)

Daza, Nanette - 1384
Palacios, Albert Hans - 178


Aguas, Reynaldo S. - 119
Belmonte, Ricardo J. - 612
Beltran, Arturo Jr. D. - 50
Bilaos, Fermin B. - 194
Calalay, Francisco Jr. A. - 793
Canseco, George Jr. A. - 94
Delarmente, Dorothy A. - 667
Diño, Martin Baduiis - 88
Ferrer, Victor Jr. V. - 694
Herrera-Dy, Bernadette - 813

Jacinto, Senen Jr. A. - 32
Juico, Joseph Emile H. - 704
Mondejar, Jon B. - 10
Nacpil, Edwin M. - 54
Pleyto, Salvador Jr. G. - 294
Samson, Moises S. - 469
Santos, Eddie M. - 19
Sarino, Henry Vincent A. - 351
Soberano, Gregorio P. - 11
Zamora, Alejo C. - 44


Acol, Glenn - 37
Alegarbes, Mocario - 16
Arias, Joseph - 69
Berzabal, Raymond - 32
Buscayno, Jamil - 44
Castelo, Winston - 1293
Cayobit, Pastor - 16
Dela Cruz, Alberto - 30
Dela Cruz, Teresita - 43
Denosita, Tony - 31
Dy, Andres - 29
Francisco, Allan Butch - 1009
Jacob, Gerald - 94
Jickain, Aiko - 676
Liban, Voltaire - 1078
Medalla, Ramon - 1020
Medina, Eden - 861
Pilar, Ma.Victoria - 571
Rocapok, Quentin - 13
Rodriguez, Samuel - 95
Saludes, Louie John - 209
Valmocina, Felecito - 906


Banal, Jorge - 2431
Borres, Jaime - 1699
Carios, Raymundo - 471
De Guzman, Dante - 2008
Dela Luna, Charlotte - 151
Escober, Rodrigo - 247

Gonzales, Amadeo - 405
Lagumbay, Wencerom - 2158
Pumaren, Franz - 2223
Reyes, Allan - 1073
Sotto-De Leon, Diorella Maria - 1887
Torrecampo, Beda - 1131


Battung, Luciano B. - 54
Belmonte, Vicente Eric Jr. - 994
Delfinado, Edgar - 540
Hipol, Bayani - 738
Inton, Ariel - 1101
Lagman, Edcel - 1134

Malangen, Restituto - 932
Malaya, Janet - 1051
Montillo, Armando - 874
Suntay, Jesus - 1181
Timtiman, Bonifacio - 56

What are your views on the accuracy of election surveys?

Interviews by Kirk Chester C. Damasco, Cyril Isabelle A. Fermin, and Earl Christopher M. Segales

“It's pretty accurate because voters answer based on what they see. These are good indicators of [the] performance, image and popularity of candidates.” – Christian Domingo (IV BS Mgt)

Hindi kailanman maaaring tingnan ang sagot ng iilan bilang kumakatawan sa pulso ng lahat ng mamamayan. Itigil na ang mga survey na yan.” – Jonathan Ibañez (IV AB MEco)

“Surveys can be corrupted, too, so [they] can have bias. [They] may really lack accuracy because [the] sample size is not enough to be representative of [the] actual population. Also, if paid for, survey makers by human nature might want to feed the ego of the paying party.” – Anna Cristina Rojas, Lecturer, Department of Leadership and Strategy

“I think they're not accurate and I believe they lean towards specific candidates. Well, to tell you the truth, it's something we discussed sa table over breakfast type of thing. That the officials in this country are so corrupt now that even such polls are probably backed by powerful people who are leaning towards particular people.” – Brian Marco Chanyungco (III BS Mgt-H)

“I'm not sure if one should believe in surveys because most of the surveys are biased kasi politicians pay for these surveys. Sometimes they use their own people in conducting the surveys. So most probably, the results will be in their favor. And ‘di ba there's this thing with self-fulfilling prophecy? Like if lumabas sa survey na you’re going to win, most probably you will ‘cause people will think na, ‘He's going to win, so siya na lang ivo-vote ko.’ And pag lumabas naman na the politician's not going to win, most probably, he will not kasi people will think na why vote pa for this person if he's gonna lose din naman.” – Micaela Kristina Galvez (II AB PoS)

“I don’t know how they get their data so I'm not in a position to say. But I'd say ‘not accurate’ given the inaccuracy of the elections themselves.” – Jerome Emil Villanueva (IV BS MAC)

“I believe that these surveys are pretty misguiding. Accurate or inaccurate, voters should know the platforms of each candidate and decide from there. [They should not] be overwhelmed by surveys which [have] a bandwagon effect on their mentality. Surveys [do] not even provide majority of the voices which [have] to be heard, and [surveys] can easily be handpicked to benefit certain candidates. So all in all, no to surveys in general.” – Kevin Gonzales (II AB IS)

WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON THE ACCURACY OF ELECTION SURVEYS? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!

Still no election results from Namfrel QC

Bantay Bilang needs more volunteers

449PM (2nd Update) - Bantay Bilang has not yet posted partial and unofficial results at its headquarters at the Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership (MVP-CSL).

Bantay Bilang is the quick count operations of the National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections (Namfrel) Quezon City (QC) chapter.

According to a report broadcasted in ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), the Palace asked Namfrel to speed up its quick count and said that this is more credible than the quick counts conducted by TV networks.

As of press time, only a few Namfrel chapters in NCR have released partial and unofficial results from the quick count.

Joy Triño (IV AB Eco), a member of the media relations team of Namfrel QC, said that Namfrel QC has not yet finished encoding the results written in the election returns (ERs).

System delays prevented the posting of the results. Constant checking and rechecking of the ERs, which are parts of the quick count process, also slowed down their progress.

Namfrel QC officers are posting partial and unofficial results in MVP-CSL, however, from what they monitor in news stations such as ABS-CBN.

Namfrel QC Head for Media Relations Gita Luz (AB IS '07) said that results will probably be posted by midnight.

Triño, meanwhile, said that Namfrel QC needs more volunteers for May 17 onwards. "Many people volunteer for the first two days of counting, but we begin to lack people after those two days."

Bantay Bilang also needs more volunteers for night shifts. Interested volunteers may text 0927-2295792, call 4266001 loc 5061-65, or drop by at the MVP-CSL.

Ma. Anna Margarita V. Bueno and Ayee D. Macaraig
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Blank. As of 420PM, the white boards at the Bantay Bilang headquarters at the Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership (MVP-CSL) contained no partial and unofficial results.
Photo by Patricia S. de la Paz

Namfrel volunteers start encoding QC results

8AM - Namfrel Quezon City (QC) chapter received election returns (ERs) from 10PM to 12AM yesterday, said Wen Batocabe (IV AB-MA PoS), a point person for Namfrel QC media relations.

Namfrel QC's operation quick count is also called Bantay Bilang.

The ERs came from different voting precincts in QC and were delivered to the Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership (MVP-CSL) for Bantay Bilang or the quick count operations.

According to Batocabe, the Bantay Bilang volunteers have checked the ERs and have started to encode them.

System delays prevented the ERs from being checked and encoded faster, Batocabe said. Because of these delays, they started encoding at 8AM instead of 12AM.

By noon, Namfrel QC will be releasing updates. As of press time, they have not yet given partial and unofficial election results because these are still being encoded.

Ma. Anna Margarita V. Bueno
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

First batch of ERs arrive in Ateneo

1204AM - Bantay Bilang is yet to release its partial and unofficial results, said Gita Luz (AB IS '07), media head for the National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections (Namfrel) Quezon City (QC) chapter.

Bantay Bilang is Namfrel QC's operation quick count.

It was only at 1130PM of May 14 that election returns began to trickle down from different precincts — usually the smaller ones since they finished faster. At the same time, the election returns (ERs) were stuck in a bottleneck in the reception area, because they had to be checked for possible tampering.

In the next four hours, the plan is to start the tabulations once the ERs have been verified.

Luz said that the quick count has enough volunteers for the day shifts of the first two days. More volunteers are needed, however, for the night shifts.

She said that walk-in volunteers will be needed in the next few days.

They are advised to walk in an hour before their desired shift, so that they can be trained. Those who have undergone training, on the other hand, may walk in 30 minutes before their desired shift.

Interested volunteers may text 0927-2295792, call 4266001 loc 5061-65, or drop by the Bantay Bilang Headquarters at the Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership (MVP-CSL).

Henson Tyler T. Wongaiham
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

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Heavy trickles. Election returns started trickling down from different precincts at almost midnight.

Photo by Henson Tyler T. Wongaiham

After a long day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After a long day. Volunteers, Ateneans included, are still counting votes at 1250AM inside Miriam College.

Photo by Henson Tyler T. Wongaiham