Saturday, May 19, 2007

Namfrel QC to resume encoding by 8AM

4AM - Namfrel Quezon City (QC) chapter or Bantay Bilang will come up with a more efficient system of encoding by 8AM.

The Management of Information Systems (MIS) team, composed of personnel and students from the Loyola Schools (LS), will help develop this system.

The current program is slow, a problem similar to those that Namfrel National encountered.

The volunteers for the 12AM to 4AM shift were asked to work also for the 4AM to 8AM shift. As of press time, almost all volunteers are checking the election returns (ERs) so that encoding can resume by 8AM.

Walk-in volunteers are highly encouraged to come after midnight as there are usually a few volunteers by this time.

Hannah S. Varilla
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo