Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What do you think of political dynasties?

Interviews by Cyril Fermin

“Political dynasties are here to stay. Despite the constitutional provision requiring the creation of a legislation, there is no way it could be done considering that most of the Congress people are members of political dynasties themselves.” – Nestonel Estrada (IV AB PoS)

“Okay lang naman siguro ang pagkakaroon ng political dynasties, as long as magaling ‘yung dynasty nila at hindi corrupt and stuff. I don’t think it depends on what your last name is eh. Basta if magaling ka na politician okay lang.” – Mark Daryll Tan (II BS Mgt-H)

“Political dynasties are greatly responsible for the triangle system in the Philippines, in which two percent of the population monopolizes everything. Still, it is their right to run for office—given the damn rule that anyone who is of Filipino citizenship can run which disregards political dynasties or education—and it is the people who vote for them still. I myself do not conform with political dynasties, but find nothing, under law or religion, that contradicts it. As long as the leader is a just and honest one, political dynasties would not matter to me. But since many are not, I believe a law must be issued regarding this to minimize or stop political dynasties.” – Randolph Keane Cobankiat (II BS LM)

“I think it depends if ‘yung talagang purpose lang nila is to serve the country and not to keep the power to themselves. Or that they are just doing that to prevent others from taking their positions.” – Monika Lara Guballa (II BS LM)

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF POLITICAL DYNASTIES? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!

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