Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What are your views on the accuracy of election surveys?

Interviews by Kirk Chester C. Damasco, Cyril Isabelle A. Fermin, and Earl Christopher M. Segales

“It's pretty accurate because voters answer based on what they see. These are good indicators of [the] performance, image and popularity of candidates.” – Christian Domingo (IV BS Mgt)

Hindi kailanman maaaring tingnan ang sagot ng iilan bilang kumakatawan sa pulso ng lahat ng mamamayan. Itigil na ang mga survey na yan.” – Jonathan Ibañez (IV AB MEco)

“Surveys can be corrupted, too, so [they] can have bias. [They] may really lack accuracy because [the] sample size is not enough to be representative of [the] actual population. Also, if paid for, survey makers by human nature might want to feed the ego of the paying party.” – Anna Cristina Rojas, Lecturer, Department of Leadership and Strategy

“I think they're not accurate and I believe they lean towards specific candidates. Well, to tell you the truth, it's something we discussed sa table over breakfast type of thing. That the officials in this country are so corrupt now that even such polls are probably backed by powerful people who are leaning towards particular people.” – Brian Marco Chanyungco (III BS Mgt-H)

“I'm not sure if one should believe in surveys because most of the surveys are biased kasi politicians pay for these surveys. Sometimes they use their own people in conducting the surveys. So most probably, the results will be in their favor. And ‘di ba there's this thing with self-fulfilling prophecy? Like if lumabas sa survey na you’re going to win, most probably you will ‘cause people will think na, ‘He's going to win, so siya na lang ivo-vote ko.’ And pag lumabas naman na the politician's not going to win, most probably, he will not kasi people will think na why vote pa for this person if he's gonna lose din naman.” – Micaela Kristina Galvez (II AB PoS)

“I don’t know how they get their data so I'm not in a position to say. But I'd say ‘not accurate’ given the inaccuracy of the elections themselves.” – Jerome Emil Villanueva (IV BS MAC)

“I believe that these surveys are pretty misguiding. Accurate or inaccurate, voters should know the platforms of each candidate and decide from there. [They should not] be overwhelmed by surveys which [have] a bandwagon effect on their mentality. Surveys [do] not even provide majority of the voices which [have] to be heard, and [surveys] can easily be handpicked to benefit certain candidates. So all in all, no to surveys in general.” – Kevin Gonzales (II AB IS)

WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON THE ACCURACY OF ELECTION SURVEYS? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!

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