Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Namfrel QC close to getting 90% target ERs

12PM – Namfrel Quezon City (QC) chapter has already collected 4,480 election returns (ERs), which is close to its 90% target or 4,534 ERs out of 5,037, said Gita Luz (AB IS ’07), Namfrel QCHead for Media Relations.

Namfrel QC's operation quick count is also called Bantay Bilang.

Recovering from software problems last night, Bantay Bilang’s encoding and collating process has resumed at 8AM. Operations are back to normal.

Officers, however, said that the collating process for local elections needs to quicken. To achieve this, Luz said that they have asked the help of Management Information Systems (MIS) personnel. Volunteer Training Head Aaron Palabyab (AB Comm ’07) added that MIS students and technicians have served as consultants since operations started.

Bantay Bilang officers also said that they expect volunteers to work faster as they get more used to their tasks.

There has been a steady number of volunteers throughout the day, with 4PM to 8PM being the peak time for walk-in volunteers. Five to 10 walk-in volunteers are estimated to come per shift.

Stephanie O. Chan
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

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