Thursday, May 17, 2007

Namfrel QC aims to speed up operations

1213AM – The Namfrel QC quick count, Bantay Bilang, core group is trying to figure out ways of organizing operations to make tabulations faster and more efficient, said Gita Luz (AB IS ’07), Bantay Bilang Head for Media Relations.

Luz said that they are trying to change the protocols for checking so they can use manpower and time more efficiently. They are still trying to improve the program so that it runs better.

Luz said that as of press time, they are doing better than when they started. However, they need to speed up operations and recruit more volunteers so that Bantay Bilang can reach its target of 70% of the election returns (ERs) by this week.

For the next four hours, Luz said that they will try to adjust operations so that change can be implemented by today's 8AM shift.

Henson Tyler T. Wongaiham
reporting from the Bantay Bilang Headquarters, Ateneo

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