Sunday, May 20, 2007

What are your views on the high number of election-related crimes?

Interviews by Karen Marie J. Cunanan, Maria Francesca Coreen T. Frias, and Edwin Lawrence B. Joyas

“The sad part about it is that it isn't an unusual occurrence during elections. I believe that election-related violence is reflective of a culture of impunity and political immaturity. This issue is passé for most countries so our elections, being notoriously violent, can hurt the Philippines' international image and cause the Filipino people to lose faith in its elections, if that isn't the case already.” – Margaret Anne Garcia (II BS MCT)

Siyempre, it’s depressing dahil mababa ang credibility ng government. It pains my heart and I’m very disappointed in the people of the Philippines.” – Phillip Ian Maverick Layno (II AB PoS)

“I think it is a very alarming reflection of our country’s corrupted political system. These crimes further prove how most people are willing to resort to killings just to secure their selfish political agenda. The saddest thing, I think, is that come election day, the casualties of these crimes are forgotten, and we, Filipinos, elect the very people responsible for the victims’ loss.” – Dorothy Ann Lopez-Dee (II AB DS)

“Philippine politics is still dirty. It just shows the lack of respect in the election process.” – Charlene Tiu (II BS MCT)

Iyong mga tumatakbo karamahin sa kanila ay mga buwaya. Unang habol lamang nila ang makukuha nilang pera ‘pag nasa gobyerno na sila. Nakokonsenya lamang sila bago gumawa nang maganda para sa bansa. Habol lang talaga nila ang pera.”Emmanuel Concepcion, Technical Assistant, Rizal Library

“Well, I think it just goes to show where too much thirst for money and power can take you. From merely being corrupt, politicians now use horribly violent measures just to take hold of a position that will enable them to quench this thirst.” – Charmaine Fatima Gomez (II BS ME)

“Personally, ako, dedma ako ngayon sa eleksyon. I mean, it's always the same thing that's happening from the voting process, tabulation, the candidates who get elected… For example, there's always the case of missing ballots, or flying voters, or voters who sell their votes. During tabulation, definitely may dagdag-bawas, and [for] sure, may matsutsugi on account of election-related violence. Then there's bound to be stupid candidates that the masses will vote into the Congress, Senate, presidency… Like in this year's election, in my opinion, si Trillanes at Honasan… Kaya 'yon. Dedma ako.” – Jon Derrick Lee (II BS MAC)

Ganoon din naman noong nakaraang eleksyon. Hindi naman na nakakagulat iyon. Mas grabe nga lang ngayon, kahit mas tahimik yung eleksiyon mismo, maraming patagong nangyayari.” – Name withheld, Loyola Schools (LS) Maintenance

“I think it’s all nonsense. It’s chaos! Politicians killing each other for a seat in the local and national government. It’s even more painful because surely, they’re doing this for all the wrong reasons—money and power—not because they sincerely wish to help our country. It’s disheartening to think that there is no political stability in the government and thus we just can’t help but question our leaders’ intentions. Our future rests in their hands. All we can do is hope for the best.” – Ma. Agnes Surop (II AB IS)

“Actually, I think it’s very childish. I mean, you have people who go out there. They campaign. They talk to the people. They see. But they’re never sure of themselves…They go out there and do all these things just to make sure they win. They can’t seem to stand the idea of losing to someone else. So I think it’s really, really childish.” – Julius Alfie Barcelona (II BS HS)

“Sa tingin ko, hindi na siya nakakagulat, pero nakakalungkot na rin kasi maraming mga tao na [namamatay]… Hindi sila dapat nagiging part ‘nung selfish objectives ng mga politicians.” – Joanah April Hermano (IV BSM AMF)

Bale sa puwesto kasi ‘yan. Kumbaga, talagang nagpapatayan [sila] makuha lang ‘yung kanilang minimithing puwesto. Kaya ayun, siguro dahil sa kasakiman na rin sa puwesto, nagagawa nila ‘yung hindi dapat gawin. Siyempre kumbaga, pera-pera [ang] labanan diyan kaya ayun ... Kaya siguro ‘yung krimen talagang hindi maiiwasan.”Mannex Varona, Cashier, Ateneo Multi-Purpose Cooperative (AMPC)

“If you compare it with other countries, ‘di ba it doesn’t really happen frequently? And because there are a lot of crimes, I don’t get why people would want to go into politics. It’s just stupid. I don’t like the politics here in our country.” – Denise Joanna Tan (II AB Comm)

“Para sa akin‘di ba gagastos nang marami ‘yung mga candidates para makapasok sa Senado? [Sa] tingin ko, dahil kasi malaki ‘yung nakukuha nilang pera sa loob kaysa sa ginagastos nila, kaya gagawin nila lahat para lang makapasok as senators or other kind of officials. Tapos siyempre kung natatalo sila, siyempre baka magha-hire sila ng mga men para mag-assassinate or pumatay ng ibang tao.” – Jose Carlo Magsino (II BS Bio-A)

WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON THE HIGH NUMBER OF ELECTION-RELATED CRIMES? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!


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