Friday, May 18, 2007

How was your experience as a voter?

Interviews by Martin Dante L. del Rosario, Katrina B. Paredes, and Margaret Michelle C. Tan

“Voting wasn't as big a hassle as I thought it would be. We got our precinct numbers without much delay, and there wasn't a long line where we were supposed to vote, so we got our ballots quickly. However, the poll watchers were hanging around the area, and so I couldn't really concentrate on casting my votes. It wasn't exactly comfortable to write down names and then worry about the poll watchers standing right behind me.” – Angelica Elise Lim (II BS Mgt)

“Di ko alam sino boboto ko, pero okay naman, kahit tinatamad ako, it was a different experience kasi first time ko.” – Genevieve Lim (III AB MEco)

“It was okay. I was annoyed at a lot of things like trying to find the precinct number. But maybe that’s just me. I found it quite slow…but then again, there were a lot of people, and I don’t know the whole voting process. ‘Cause my friends and I were talking about it. Shouldn’t it be computerized na and all? So there, parang waiting in line, then, they’re trying to find pa your voter’s ID or something. So parang it's slow.” – Erin Victoria Montenejo (II BS MCT)

“It was actually organized. I already knew my precinct, so I didn’t have to look for my name on the list which would’ve been a big hassle.” – Melinda Gayle Limlengco (II BS ME)

“Surprisingly, I felt very much unprepared when I was actually there. All the technicals went smoothly—finding my precinct, blah blah. Pero nung nakuha ko na yung ballot, parang, ‘Uh…’ Despite having ample time to come up with a list of candidates etc., ang dami ko pa ring blanks. I suppose it's a lack of personal preparation.” – Gabrielle Ann Agarrado (III BS Ch:MSE)

“Okay naman po. Hindi naman po kami masyado tense kasi alam na namin iboboto namin.” – Allan Oliva, security guard

“It was actually very chaotic. It took some time to find my name in the voters’ list. There were others whose names were not there or others moved to a different voting center. Two precincts lost their indelible inks arousing suspicion of fraud and cheating. But still, it was worth the wait and the frustration to be able to contribute to change.” – Joseph Gideon Sarreal (III BS MCT)

“I voted in the province (Tarlac). It was short and sweet. People came early eh. Basta it really wasn’t as much of a hassle as people expect it to be.” – Raem Puno (IV AB IS)

“Okay lang, mainit, pero obvious na madaming violation. Pagpasok mo pa lang sa school may nagbibigay ng sample ballots with candidates’ names. The posters of candidates are right outside the school, hanging pa sa electric wires. May pumasok sa loob ng polling room nagbubulong ng person na dapat i-vote for mayor pero pinalabas din agad ng poll watchers.” – Hannah Stephanie Ang (III BS MCT)

“Well, it was easy for me because it was in my village and I came early. I had fun.” – Lourdes Ramona Victoria Farrales (II BS LM)

“Okay naman. Wala naman [gulo]… maayos naman eh. Maluwag naman dun sa amin sa Marikina.” – Alma Fermano, photocopying lady

“Well, the voting system nowadays, I think, is more orderly. Kasi, as a first-time voter, ‘yung places where I should go was given to me properly. May mga directions on where to place this paper and that. It’s written already there and stuff so… Ayun, I think it’s more orderly as a whole.” – Moses Cantillon (III AB Eu)

Pagpunta ko ‘dun, di pa bukas ‘yung presinto. Kung ‘di ako nagreklamo, ‘di pa sana bubuksan. ‘di pa raw kasi preparado, e diba dapat one day before naka-prepare na ‘yun? Bakit may delay? ‘Di nila inisip na may pasok ‘yung ibang mga tao, gaya ko. ‘yung sa paghanap ng pangalan, ako pa nagturo para ‘yung number na lang ang hanapin, ‘di yung apilyedo, para mas mabilis. Kaya ‘yun, medyo matagal.” – Joseph Banhao, security guard

“I have no idea what the ballot looks like, so when I saw sample ballots being given out, there was a part where I didn’t know who to vote for. I wasn’t able to vote anyway because I can’t find my name in the voters’ list. I spent an hour going up and down the building designated for our barangay and the people handling the ballots were so unhelpful.” – Sophia Kho (III BS LM)

HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A VOTER? Comment and share your views with the rest of the Ateneo community!

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